Gorgeous custom ring boxes with a range of options available. These add an extra touch to your wedding day, and then can live on at home as a lovely reminder of the day. 


The boxes are made from birch ply wood, as are the custom design features. You can choose what these features say - perhaps your names and the wedding date, or maybe a line from your vows. 


We have left the filling up to you - clients have used fabric from a grandmother's wedding dress or other special textiles to cushion their rings. 

The Small Ring Box is 6cm x 9cm x 6cm and comes with a good latch for closure.* 


The Large Ring Box is 14cm x 9cm and 5cm high and comes with a small magnet closure. 


The wood stain finishes available are (from light to dark) Natural, Pine, Walnut and Rosewood. 



*We recommend this one where the ring bearer is one or more children!



Ring box

  • These boxes take 10-12 days for production and are shipped when ready. Sadly we are weather dependent when using glues and adhesives in our products and sometimes it takes acouple of days longer than we hope.